FAQ: Why is ventilation and having a flue important on a gas appliance?

Gas Appliances need both ventilation and a flue to help them operate safely and correctly. Ventilation helps the gas appliance by providing a supply of air to help complete combustion of gas and the Flue enables the gas appliance to remove any nasty products produced, such as; Carbon Monoxide (CO).

It is important to remember that these are important features of your gas appliance and that these help avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Boiler Flue (image credit:

To keep your boiler safe you need to ensure that you;

1) Make sure that the ventilation is not blocked

2) Ensure that your gas appliance is serviced by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer on an annual basis.

3) The flue is kept clear at all times

If you are worried that you may have an issue with your boiler flue or ventilation, please get in touch with the team.

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