FAQ: Where should I check to see if I have leak in my bathroom?

Maybe you've just bought a new house and you want to do a thorough inspection or maybe you have noticed something in your bathroom that is cause for concern.

Here we will guide you through the checks you need to spot any leakage:


Check the tiling around your bathtub or shower, if you have any damage to your bathroom tiles or grout work this could be cause for concern as water can escape and cause water damage to your walls and flooring.


Start by checking whether the seal around the tap is damaged, this could be causing a leak if this has begun to wear away.

You can check whether your tap is leaking by pouring some water over the the top of the tap and then check the pipework below.


Start by checking the seals around the shower, this should be checked on a regular basis if you are concerned by a leak as this can lead to very serious water damage.

Then check to see whether you have mould spots on the silicone or seals in your shower, this could be another sign of a leak.

Another way you can spot a shower leak is to check your bathroom paintwork for peeling and rotting flooring - if you have vinyl flooring you will notice that you floor may have started curling.

It is important that you contact us if you spot any of these signs, as this will need to be inspected sooner rather than later to prevent any further damage.


As with the shower inspection, make sure to check the bath for any damage to the seals or if there are any gaps.

Another way to spot a leak from your bathtub is to inspect the ceiling directly below, as there may be noticeable water marks.


As with the shower and bathtub inspection, make sure to check the bath for any damage to the seals or if there are any gaps in the grout work if you have a tiled bathroom floor and if you have any water damage on the ceiling directly below.

This leak may be much harder to detect so if you notice anything that concerns you or you are concerned of any structural damage, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.


If you have noticed leaking after you have flushed your toilet, it may be that you have a leak between your toilet and the waste pipe.

Another sign that you may need to watch out for is a 'rocking' toilet when used as this can also result in a leak, if you have noticed this - you can check for a potential leak by inspecting the seals around the bottom of the toilet for any damage.

It is important to note that if you have a leaking toilet, this needs to be seen to urgently as this can cause structural damage more quickly than a leaking shower or bathtub due to the increase in it's use. Please contact us if you are concerned about a leaking toilet.

If you suspect you have leak, get in touch with us through our contact page here.

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