FAQ: What is an Open Vented Central Heating system?

An Open Vented Central Heating System includes a Feed and Expansion Tank (commonly referred to as F&E) at the highest point in the system for example; the roof of your house.

An F&E tank is (or F&E cistern) is a plastic cistern that supplies the central heating with water and helps to accommodate the expansion of the water when it expands within your boiler.

Open Vented Central Heating Systems work only with heat only (regular) boilers and are not recommended if you would like to fit a more modern boiler product in your home.

This system has been known to allow pollutants to enter the water within your central heating and can also allow oxygen to enter it which can cause issues with corrosion.

If you would like to discuss repairing or replacing your open vented central heating system, or you are concerned that your F&E tank is blocked, please get in contact with us today!

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