FAQ: What are the funny noises coming from my boiler?

Your boiler making funny noises can mean a number of different things, this post will guide you through what you can do and when you need to call a gas engineer.

Check your boiler for error codes

If your boiler has a digital display, there may be an error code displayed on your boiler which may help to identify the problem to your gas engineer.

Types of noises coming from your boiler

1) Gurgling noises coming from your boiler

If you occasionally hear small amounts of gurgling, do not panic as this is normal and usually no cause for concern. If you hear gurgling noises on a continual basis and the noises are louder, this may be a sign that your boiler needs repair.

2) Whooshing or Vibrating noises coming from your boiler

This noise is caused typically by an air blockage in your system and this can be caused by an issue with the flue or the air filter.

If you are unsure on how to proceed, please call a member of the team and we can arrange an appointment ASAP for you.

3) Buzzing or Whining noises coming from your boiler

This noise requires immediate action as you may have an issue with worn pump bearings, vibrating fans or a defective burner within your boiler.

Please call a Gas Engineer as soon as you notice these noises.

If you would like to get in touch to book your free call out or if you'd like to speak with one of the team, click here

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